Front yard in the new block

Some of you will have noticed that we have been very quiet on the facebook and blogging front, and this has brought more thanone enquiry of “Are you still producing chicken”.  This is because for the last 12 months, we have been trying to decide whether to continue with Local Pastures.


We have been very lucky to have access to farming land (for free) through friends.  This was greatly appreciated but the way we had our production set up also made things a bit more complicated.  It was made more difficult by the fact that I still work full time in a job, so the chickens are only a hobby business at this stage.


We have been operating the brooding phase of production from our home (a ¼ acre block), and then transferring chickens to the farm, which is 15 minutes away, when they went out to pasture.


As a result, everything was a little bit harder to organize as we didn’t have enough storage at home and our setup wasn’t as efficient as a result.  This also meant that it was harder to get other people to help out, such as if we wanted to go away for a weekend. 


With two young children, it was becoming difficult to juggle both family and Local Pastures.  Consequently, we have been producing less regularly this year whilst we made some decisions.  The good news is we think we have a solution that gives us the best of both worlds.

 Our new block

We recently bought an 8.8 acre block of our own rural land at Deception Bay, so that we can solve the biggest issues that we have been having but also open up a lot more opportunities for Local Pastures.  What the future specifically has in store is still uncertain but at this stage, we will definitely be continuing with producing our pasture raised, certified organic grain fed, chickens. 


We move in late June so will get our first batch started as soon as possible and this will hopefully allow us to produce chickens more regularly.  It’s a big step for us as a family and as a business.  We are excited about the opportunities this new property opens up for Local Pastures, and we look forward to your ongoing support.