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our new block of landSome of you will have noticed that we have been very quiet on the facebook and blogging front, and this has brought more than one enquiry of “Are you still producing chicken”.  This is because for the last 12 months, we have been trying to decide whether to continue with Local Pastures.


We have been very lucky to have access to farming land (for free) through friends.  This was greatly appreciated but the way we had our production set up also made things a bit more complicated......

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Open for Orders


Well the time has come and we are open for orders for our first batch of organic, pasture-raised, local chickens.   For South East Qld readers, that means it is time to test our succulent chicken for yourself.


We will be processing our chickens on the last weekend in January and the first weekend in February which means that whole chickens will be available for collection from Petrie from 28 January ......

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Chicks in brooder

When the chicks arrive, the main concern is getting them access to heat at approximately 32 degrees C .  Once they have warmed up they will then seek out water and food.  Our recent batch arrived on a day when it was approximately 37 degrees C so the chicks were straight to the food and water.


We use timber shavings and sawdust ......

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