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Chickens in the pasture penAt some point between 2-4 weeks, we transfer the chicks to their pasture pens.  The main reasons for the variation in the timeframe is the time of year (temperature) and expected weather – if bad weather is predicted, we will wait a few extra days.


The pens, each containing approx 75 chickens, are moved every morning to provide a fresh salad bar of greens for the chicks to ......  

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Chick Delivery

So what is involved in producing a pasture raised, beyond organic chicken you may ask.  Over the next few months, I will discuss the following four stages:


1)  Delivery of Chicks

2) Brooder (up to approx 2-4 weeks of age)

3) Pasture (up to approx 8 weeks of age)

4) Processing


Delivery of Chicks

As our chicks arrived by courier I thought it was timely to discuss the ethics of having chicks delivered in this way.  The main priorities for chicks......

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