G’day, my name is Scott Luttrell and I would like to welcome you to Local Pastures.


I grew up on a farm where our main product was pork but we also grew crops and had some cattle.  Going through high school it seemed like farming was all about hard work for very little reward.  As a family we went through many tough years where making a profit was difficult due to drought, Australian grain prices and competition with subsidized foreign imports.  My Dad was always searching for options that could provide better conditions for our animals whilst still remaining competitive.


My parents encouraged us to progress down the conventional route of further education so leaving the farm to go to University was a natural step.  I graduated as a Physio and my first job took me to Central Queensland, before I returned to Brisbane where most of my family and friends live.


Another interest that my parents fostered in me was a love of travel and as a result I have travelled to many places including North & South America and Europe.  I have also sailed a yacht up the coast of Australia and riden a motorbike across Russia, Central Asia & Mongolia.  Throughout these travels, I experienced the way other cultures value their food and the connection this creates with family, friends, the producer and the seasons. 


Along my journey I fell in love with my wife, Wendy, who had a passion for organic gardening and we bought a large, vacant, suburban block (1/4 acre) in Petrie, Queensland.  We designed the house along environmentally friendly guidelines but also to provide us with a large area to produce our own fruit and veggies. Our garden chicken run


Due to my interest in the environment and sustainable living, I stumbled across an author called Joel Salatin and read one of his books.  This created what my wife may describe as an obsession, but I will call it a passion, for sustainable farming.  After devouring many more books and attending a few courses, I started Local Pastures.


I hope that you will join me in the journey that I am on to provide food consumers with a choice that frees them from our commercialized & industrialized food system.  Through Local Pastures the alternative is “real” food that is produced in a way that mimics nature and regenerates the land while supporting the local farmer.


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