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  1. Whole Organic Chicken

    Whole Chicken (per kg)

    This price is the "Per KG" price, (ie. $15/kg) for any sized chicken.

    Our chickens are premium quality chickens and are:

    • fed Certified Organic Feed
    • moved daily to fresh pastures
    • local produced and processed by hand.

    Please select a preferred size below, and if required add a text note in the box. Eg. 2 x 1.8kg & 2 x 1.5kg

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  2. Whole Organic Chicken

    DEPOSIT --- Value Pack (10 chickens)

    DEPOSIT ONLY --- This is the deposit only to secure a discount on 10 Whole Pasture raised chickens. Our chickens are approx 1.6-2.1kg each and the Value Pack price is $14.50/kg.

    Bonus: 1 free chicken.

    Offer is based on commitment to 10 whole chickens, with collection between Saturday 6th September & last delivery in mid December.

    Collection is usually through a buying group location, however, if you don't live near a buying group, we will contact you to make other arrangements.

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